Interview of the President by Kai Diekmann of BILD

The Oval Office

May 5, 2006

1:55 P.M. EDT


Q BILD has 12 million readers. It’s the largest newspaper in Germany. And there’s one thing which is really special about our newspaper — every German who wants to work for the newspaper, he has to sign in his working contracts some beliefs — and there’s the belief you have to be for reunification, you have to be against totalitarianism from riots on the right side and the left side, and you have to be for the peace and for the understanding with Israel, and, since September 11th, we have a new belief — you have to be for partnership with America. Otherwise, you can’t work for us, you can’t come — you have to sign it in your contract.

THE PRESIDENT: My kind of guy. (Laughter.)

(Aus der ungekürzten und unredigierten Fassung des Interviews von “Bild”-Chefredakteur Kai Diekmann mit US-Präsident George W. Bush, die das Weiße Haus auf seiner Homepage veröffentlicht hat.)

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